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Get to know our formulary approach

Get to know our formulary approach




Science-proven formulations


BIO2YOU is based on Pharmaceutical Standards, backed by Scientific Research to empower our informed, discerning consumers. With credible clinical expertise, serving as our backbone, and a supply chain that connects the world's dermatology capitals, BIO2YOU prides itself in producing patented formulations, that pave a definitive pathway to desirable, youthful skin without any hazardous effects and builds foundation on beauty indulgence for everyone.

BIO2YOU has a unique combination of natural and science aimed substances that providing high class therapy against the changes caused by skin stress and external environment. It possesses gentle ingredients, textures and an unobtrusive scents – everything that satisfies contemporary thinking and requirements of an ideal skincare.

Cruelty-free ingredients

BIO2YOU is clean, cruelty-free.

Safe Synthetic ingredients

Devoid of any toxic substances or fragrances.

Optimized Ingredients

Smartly incorporated, right amount of actives needed for results.

Dual purpose

Serums are not workhorses for nothing. We want ours to work doubly hard to play both preventive and curative roles.



Ingredients Approach 


Niacinamide helps build Immunity. It helps build the lipid barrier to retail moisture. This is beneficial for all skin types, especially if you have eczema or mature skin. Niacinamide reduces blotchiness and may help ease redness from inflammatory skin conditions.

Keeping skin smooth and moisturized may have been a secondary benefit of Nicinamide. The benefits of moisture retention aren’t just for those with dry skin types. Niacinimide can also help regulate the sebaceous glads and prevent your glands from going into overdrive.

Niacinamide can concurrently rebuild healthy skin cells while also protecting them from damage caused by ultraviolet rays. Additional benefits are protection from sun damage, minimized fine lines and wrinkles, protects against oxidative stress, acne and scars treatment. Over time, you may see fewer lesions and improved skin texture.



Gold Collagen :

Our premium Gold Collagen combined with a perfect formulation gives your skin an immaculate natural glow and boosts natural collagen production, further improving hydration and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

Physician recommended regular usage guarantees radiant complexion and improvement in skin suppleness and elasticity.


Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract : 

Also known as Green Tea. Blending it into our formulation, it provides UV protection and antioxidant properties combating free radical skin damage.

Additionally with its miraculous properties CS Leaf extract improves your skin's natural moisture, fights acne, unclogs pores, and reduces inflammation that makes your face look puffy and swelled.


Aloe Vera :

As a cherry on top, our Aloe Vera extract with its incredible moisturizing & healing properties, ensures that your skin remains hydrated and nourished.


Vitamin C : 

With our ideal  formulation and an alkaline pH environment, Vitmain C helps reduce inflammation and provides antioxidant protection.

Additionally, It also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation & brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance.


Hyaluronic Acid. :  

In our product we use hyaluronic acid as a humectant — a substance that helps the skin hold onto water.

Since it “helps hydrate the outer layers of skin, thereby improving the skin's appearance.” Thus, the Skin in its hydrated state is  more radiant and youthful-looking.


Alpha Arbutin : 

Alpha arbutin, also called Hydroquinone β-D-glucopyranoside, is a naturally occurring antioxidant and skin brightener that is naturally found in the bearberry plant.

It reduces melanin formation, improving the skin's appearance against age spots, freckles, melasma, and post-inflammatory pigmentation.


Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract:

Camellia japonica possess lipids that have excellent emollient, moisturizing properties.

The Omega-6 fatty acids present in Camellia japonica extract are ideal for boosting skin-hydration, thus reducing the appearance of premature fine, dry lines.


Sodium Ascorbyl phosphate :

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate  (SAP) is a stable vitamin C, it  functions as an antioxidant, a substance that neutralizes free radicals, reducing the amount of damage that they can do to cells.

When applied topically to the skin, sodium ascorbyl phosphate can help slow down the aging process and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles


Licorice Extract:  

Licorice extract inhibits the production of dark spots. It additionally brightens the skin by removing excess melanin.

It contains liquiritin, an active compound that helps to disperse and remove existing melanin in the skin. Also, it Works synergistically with vitamin C to reduce the appearance of skin discoloration.


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